Lacelocks What's my Name - Sneakers accessory

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Whether you are a dancer, a sneaker addict or just someone really stylish, people stare at your feet.

Why don't you treat your sneakers with something that will stand out?!

Our Lacelock "What's my name" lets you proudly expose your name, the name of your crew or just something amazing you have to share.

It is made of colored Polyamide. Choose your favorite color and be creative! 

"I want you to be proud of who you are in every step you do. Treat your shoes to shoewellery."

Our products are made on demand, 3D printed just for you, assembled and finished by hand with love in PARIS. Your patience helps us create awesome products!


Size : 3,5 cm x 1,2 cm x 0,2cm
Material : Polyamide with a soft feeling.
It is more than plastic, it is future et your fingertip.
Designer : Cédric Magne
Comes as a Pair
These lacelocks are for regular laces
Not suitable for Fat laces
Long names or words will be smartly split in 2 lines

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