You are UNIQUE, you deserve tailor-made creations


How many times did you find yourself in a situation where you desire to surprise someone with a personal, original and unique gift but end up with a perfume or a shirt after many hours looking for something special ?
Have you ever gotten this idea of the perfect object to go with your decoration and that idea still only exists in your head ?
Are you dreaming of finally wearing a jewel or an accessory that is like no other one, the unique item that reflects your emotions and personality?

Instead of always compromising, what do you think about getting into the tailor-made creation adventure and giving birth to your ideas? Creating a unique object four yourself or your loved ones has never been so easy!

Wait, you don't think you can be creative? Let us prove you you're wrong!
Don't panic, no matter the precision of your idea, we're here for you, to advise you and to create your item.

From Dreams to Reality, there are only 5 steps with Bits Tailor.



It’s your turn to type! Describe us your idea in a few lines and email us at becreative(at)  


  • your first name and last name
  • your phone number or Skype ID
  • type of item (jewelry, accessory, decoration item, accessory for devices…)
  • if it's a gift for a close friend/family or for you ? and for which event?
  • its shape, color , material (plastic, silver, gold...), text (if so)
  • please attach  your inspirations (picture, style, drawing, picture from a magazine) 

Please share with us everything that will make the creation process fun and easy. We take into consideration all informations that characterise the person who will receive your creation. It can be his/her lucky number or his/her passion. Everyone is unique, so will be your creation.


 2. LET'S TALK  

From the elements you provide us with, we get back to you within 2 days to set up a phone or Skype call.
We will review your sources and ideas and discuss the features and the conception to make it amazing. This will also be the best time for you to ask us any question you have in mind.



Following our call, we will send you a quote under 5 working days based on the work your creation needs. We will start the creation only when we get your final approval.



This will take between 3 to 5 weeks to turn your idea into reality.
Did you know that it's the exact time required for coriander to grow ?
So while waiting for your creation, what about growing some and enhance your dishes? 



Here we are, your tailor-made item is ready for shipping. The only thing left is to offer it, to wear it or proudly display it to bring your creation to life.




Bits Tailor, unleash the creator within.