Wireframer bowtie

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Wireframer is a character we met in a virtual world. He's the god of 3D, the essence of all 3D life. He's made of vertices, edges and gives life to anything 3D you know.

He told us he will be sharing with you our Tailors the beauty of his wireframe world.

So here we are with this first gift, a wireframe bow tie.

This bow tie is the accessory you want to wear to express your uniqueness in a very distinctive and original way.

Wireframer is already a Bits Tailor classic piece.

Get your initial on it to make it 100% yours! Select the color you want in the options.


"Wireframer is the result from a meeting between the elegance of a bow tie and the curves of the virtual world."

Our products are made on demand, 3D printed just for you, assembled and finished by hand with love in PARIS. Your patience helps us create awesome products!


Size : 11 cm x 5 cm
Material : Polyamide with a soft feeling.
It is more than plastic, it is future in your fingertip.
Designer : Cédric Magne

Comes with a black silk strap adjustable from 11" to 19.7"
Chain : in option

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