Bits Tailor at the Fashion Tech Showroom 2015

The Fashion Tech Week was held on September 18th-26th in Paris. Yes you read it right, the Fashion Tech also got its own week to promote tech, ethic and innovative fashion!

To end this special week dedicated to fashion of tomorrow, the Fashion Tech Showroom gathered at La Paillasse several designers oriented on the future on an innovative, digital or ethic way.

As young innovative brand, Bits Tailor was honored to be selected for this showroom. This was the opportunity for visitors to discover, to touch and to try our 3D printed accessories. Some of them also had the chance to be part of the "club" of first people wearing avant-garde 3D printed accessories, a club which is becoming ever greater!

Thank you so much to the Fashion Tech Showroom team for this nice event! 

Vanessa Magne September 30, 2015 6 tags (show)

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